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Much of the English literature to which we’re introduced in high school is re-visited in college. This would be logical if, perhaps, students failed to exhibit satisfactory comprehension, grade-wise and/or via written essays or reports about the subject literature in high school (despite mastery of those HS English courses in which they were introduced to the literature)…

The problem is that there is currently no system of formally preserving essays or other assignments that are completed in high school for perusal by collegiate English Departments/faculty.

There should be such a system, however, and one that would require development and completion of online student portfolios for all high school seniors, and that would include student and/or professional resumes as well as those literary essays and other content of relevance to student majors.

The prescribed could exempt students from requirement to re-read and report on literature that they’ve already read and reported on in high school and/or any previous school years, and could possibly exempt students from taking certain core collegiate English classes altogether, and allow for taking of more courses that would prove professionally impactful.