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I thought, until realizing otherwise, that Sonic restaurants were drive-in movie theaters. The multiple drive-in stalls appear to be or could be movie/food menus and intercoms and movie listening devices, or the bases from which they would be retrieved and returned (to appeal to customers who’d prefer not to zap energy from their vehicular batteries by listening via radio)…

I then thought of how great it would be to be capable of conveniently pushing a button and ordering both a meal and a movie, and how Sonic would be ideal for the venture, considering the present design of Sonic restaurants and how the design could easily conform to a dual drive-in restaurant/movie theater.

A sonic movie theater is actually not a foreign concept. Sonic actually owns several “Sonic Beaches,” which include outdoor seating and flat screen televisions (Sonic artificial and optionally seasonal beaches would also be great in inner-city localities, though distinguishable from what I’m ultimately prescribing here).

Movies on the Menu

Sonic drive-in movie theaters, which could optionally be incorporated into certain, rather than all Sonic localities, would, ideally, premiere/show all of the newest movie releases when, or perhaps prior to when they are shown in traditional movie theaters.

They’d also show other older movies being shown at traditional movie theaters and, possibly, those that are viewable on cable pay-per-view channels, et cetera, et cetera.

Movie Screen Arrangement Options

Movie screen options could consist of one or several large screens that would be situated around the restaurant(s)* and/or at other angles of the subject Sonic lots (*This could be an in-door theater, or an enclosed area where customers could sit or lay and watch a movie with a view of the sky, and shielded from mosquitoes, noting that there could be both in-door and outdoor screens. If there are in-door screens, however, parking provisions would have to be made for indoor customers).

As another option the multiple drive-in stalls could each have corresponding flat screens that would exemplify the movie menus from which customers would make their viewing (and food) selections, and from which they would watch the movies at, perhaps, a lesser cost than viewing from a larger screen.

Preferably, all Sonic movie screens would be enclosed within protective coverings that would shield them from inclement weather and other potential damage.


All Sonic movie theaters should be equipped with surveillance cameras and armed security officers who’d monitor the premises from Sonic Theaters patrol cars; and notices informing customers of the presence of surveillance cameras and armed security officers should be posted around the lots and exhibited on the movie screens prior to showing of trailers and movies…

Portable Lavatories

Sonic drive-in movie theaters [and all drive-in movie theaters] should have portable toilets for customer convenience. Those portables should be cleaned and sanitized daily by designated employees, who’d also be responsible for making certain that the lots are debris-free.

Movie Concessions and Collectibles

All Sonic drive-in movie theaters would, ideally, have movie concessions (popcorn, candies, etc…) and collectible items* on the menu (*Customers would be distributed collectible items based on their movie selections, as much as is reasonably possible).

Customer napkins, containers, and other items would also contain the Sonic Theaters and/or Sonic Drive-in name and logo, incorporating the theater concept.

In Summation

Sonic drive-in movie theaters would expand movie-going audiences, in light of the convenience, and considering that there are so few drive-in movie theaters. They would ultimately provide a more readily adjacent cinematic/dining experience to customers and communities that lack movie theaters and/or sufficient sources of local entertainment…