Online companies should not require formation within any state, considering that they exist on the World Wide Web, although owners, of course, would yet be required to pay income taxes on their earnings, to a world, and federal and state governments, where applicable. Though an applicant should be required to disclose their residential address to the agency that would form their world-wide company, the residential address should not be the business address, and the owner should not be required to maintain a virtual office for the purpose of providing a business address.

Online business owners are capable of meeting with clients and even conducting electronic presentations in meeting rooms at public libraries and other safe localities just as they are capable of conducting such meetings at virtual offices. If a client is a physical company, the online business owner could meet with/conduct presentations at the client’s place of business…

Should an online or any business owner desire one, they should be capable of acquiring a post office box in lieu of or in addition to a virtual office, and utilizing the P.O. box address on official business correspondence, though the company’s web and email address should suffice for those purposes.

A world-wide business owner should be capable of creating and subsequently logging into the account utilized to form their companies and change the residential or the electronic address or web domain, or even the name of the company, etc. without incurring any additional costs beyond those required for world-wide formation…

An online business owner, or anyone who conducts business online without owning a formal business, should not be required, as they are presently with email marketing actions, for example, to disclose their home addresses to clients, customers, or prospects.

The address of a relevant CPA network, which should require disclosure and retention of an affiliate’s physical address in their company database and/or that of the manufacturer or distributing company of a product or service that an affiliate is advertising is the only physical address that a receiver should be capable of accessing…

Perhaps, the stipulation for world-wide business formation would be, and reasonably so, verification of one’s ownership of the web domain and email address that they’d use to conduct business. A verified web and email address should suffice as an online company’s business address, if in fact it exists exclusively online, and particularly if the company does not or should not reasonably expect receipt of any physical mail other than solicitations from advertisers, which, in any event, are deliverable via email.

This would help to protect online business owners from issues like fraudulent formation of physical entities by individuals who have no lawful nexus to a subject online company, but seek to financially benefit from it, typically without the owner’s knowledge.