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Housing resources should be available to all felons, including those who have committed offenses that would traditionally bar access to public housing and other synonymous programs. Availing permanent housing resources to individuals who have previously trafficked drugs or committed violent crimes, etc., with stipulations that continuous participation in those programs would hinge upon good behavior or not selling drugs, not committing violent crimes, etc., would resolve episodes of homelessness amongst the noted sect of felons who are traditionally not privy to such resources, and while reducing crime on the same token.

Little thought is apparently given to the fact, furthermore, that many crimes occur as a result of a felon’s over-reliance upon others, i.e. domestic partners, seeing that the felon is typically incapable of acquiring housing on their own, and are forced to frequently endure un-ideal living arrangements. All felons should also be privileged to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance/EBT cards, which would also reduce episodes of crimes that are committed due to hunger or a culprit’s lack of food.

Ready Access to Fatherhood Programs & Other Resources

The prescribed housing programs should provide or readily link participants to other resources, like Fatherhood programs and/or others that would help them to wholly re-enter society, i.e. help with acquiring Social Security cards, state identification, and/or satisfaction of requirements for reinstatement of driver’s licenses, acquiring education and/or job skills training, etc…

Provision of Drivers Reinstatement Programs by Driving and Other Relevant Hiring Companies

Driving companies, like Greyhound, Megabus, and other local and long distance driving companies, etc. should render incentives like driving reinstatement programs, in lieu of or in addition to traditional sign-on bonuses, to qualified applicants. The relevant hiring company would, forthwith, pay all or acceptable costs for reinstatement of applicants’ drivers licenses, or for those who are otherwise and demonstrably good drivers who have had their drivers licenses suspended due to offenses like non-payment of child support or outstanding traffic tickets that the applicant was incapable of paying due to unemployment or underemployment, provided that the applicants make satisfactory arrangements through the employer to pay fair and ordered residual or recurring balances.

Some individuals, like repeat DUI offenders, for example, would, of course, not be privileged to such a program, unless they are capable of demonstrating a good driving record—free of DUIs—for an acceptable length of time and completion of Alcoholics Anonymous or other relevant programs…

Housing Provider/Staffing Agency Ventures

Housing provider/staffing agency ventures would provide major returns on a very needed investment here. For one, providers could and should always deduct their rent from benefactors’ pay prior to distribution of earnings. Rent could either be deducted from one paycheck or by partial and proportionate deductions from weekly or bi-weekly pay that would satisfy the amount.

The other way that housing/staffing providers would profit is through the revenues that they’d sustain as staffing agencies, which typically charge companies more (about twice in some instances) for provision of workers than the workers are paid, noting that workers should never receive less than minimum wage, and should earn enough to satisfy other bills and have savings and spending money.

Essentially, this is a venture that could pay for itself and earn residual revenues for housing/employment providers. I’d venture to say that all public housing providers should become staffing agencies and vice versa, and should, accordingly, offer both employment and housing to felons and interested non-felon employees.

By providing a solution to the major epidemic of chronic homelessness amongst felons and others, providers would reap substantial revenues as either non-profit and/or for-profit initiatives.