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Bloggers should, on every third party platform, and after the likes of the Blogger platform, have the ability to turn off ads, without cost, if they have pending applications to monetize or they have not been approved to monetize their blogs.

The same criteria that prevent applications to monetize from being approved should bar ads from being displayed on blogs at all until those issues are addressed and the applications are approved. This is not the case with WordAds for WordPress.com bloggers.

Why rush to approve applications or approve some applications for decent and fully developed blogs at all, when ads can be ran on the blogs prior to approval, or why would they buy the cow when they can get the milk for free?

Many bloggers would probably allow ads to run because they wouldn’t know or care how to turn them off should what I’m suggesting be enacted, though all bloggers should be notified by their blogging platforms of the feature and how to utilize it, in the event that my suggestion here is implemented.

Bloggers who have not submitted WordAds or other applications to monetize and have no interest in ads being shown on their blogs at all are the only ones who should be required to pay a fee to turn ads off.