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One of my favorite writers, Judge Judy, wrote a book entitled “Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever: The Making of a Happy Woman,” in which she discusses challenges faced by women, including those that she herself has faced, in our male dominated society. This is a book that every woman and teen girl should read, one in which the need for women and girls to be educated and for women to be self-sufficient is discussed. I am so impressed with this book that I’m recommending it, or a tweaked version of it, for required reading in sex education classes, those in public and private schools and organizations that provide resources to women, from domestic violence shelters to public service agencies…

I disagree with Judge Judy’s statement of belief that provisions shouldn’t be made for students with children, however, though I do agree with her statement that things shouldn’t be made too easy for them. Minor students with children, like all others, should be required to attend school, and should speak with their school counselors about options, and there should ALWAYS be an intelligent option, if no more than online schooling, which is in fact a public school option that is free of cost.              Click here to locate online public schools in your area.

Schools should also provide or facilitate acquisition of childcare services for collegiate students with children. Many colleges likely have on-site childcare facilities, especially if they offer early childhood education and similar major programs. Students with children should be capable of registering their children for campus childcare while registering for their own classes and to have financial aid awards automatically applied towards costs. Qualifying students should be capable of applying for student loan amounts that would pay for childcare provisions and dormitories/housing that would accommodate them and their children on their FAFSA applications.

A solid education is the very best solution to the teen pregnancy crisis that has forced many girls out of school. Better provisions should also be made for working women with children who are interested in continuing their education. The stated would translate to better living standards for women and children, and the subsequent alleviation of the government’s portion of that burden…