I suggested a while back that the registration process for public and all schools should be completely online to spare the bureaucracy and need to repetitively provide essentially the same information year after year for every registering student. Though not all of the things I suggested were implemented, it’s a major improvement that will be best appreciated next year when, hopefully, parents will no longer be required to enter any information they’ve already input into the new system, unless there are changes, of course. I wanted to discuss a few items that can be improved upon in the new system that would facilitate the registration process all the more…

I have been registering my son online for school for a few years now. I completed registration for both my son and daughter in the new system over the weekend, and realized in the course that there are some aspects of the old online registration process that are actually better than and should be incorporated into the new system. For one, parents should be capable of logging in and correcting or adding/updating information after the registration process has been completed/submitted, and at any time prior to. That could be done in the old system, but not the new system.

A perfect example of need for this is the document upload feature in the new system, considering that registration cannot be submitted unless requested documents are attached, and not all parents have ready access to scanners. Though the document upload feature is indispensable or should be, as all student files should be preserved online for safe keeps, otherwise completed registration should be acceptable for submission without attachments, which could be added once subject parents are availed access to scanners (This is reason all the more why schools, public libraries, etc. should have scanners available for use).

Other features that should be included in online registration for all schools is course and/or instructor selection,* schedule production, and production of lists of required student supplies for each grade and course (*student registration portals should be programmed to allow students/parents to select from among only courses in which students should be enrolled during any given school year or term). Course/instructor selection and schedule production is registration, not the mere provision of demographic information for students and parents. Instantaneous production of and making students’ schedules and supplies lists viewable and printable from student registration portals would bring the process full-circle and eliminate hassle and mixups that have resulted in student misplacement and loss of time in required courses.