I read this very disturbing article moments ago, and I’m outraged with the rape of a 12-year-old girl by a United Nations “peacekeeper” and violence against other unarmed civilians during what was supposedly a search for a criminal suspect…Though the troops had gotten into a shootout with a group of youth who’d endeavored to block them following the unruly raid and rape of the noted child on the previous day, their gunning down of an unarmed man as he rushed from his home to call for his daughter, who is presumably distinguishable from the child who was raped, and who was outside when shooting broke out, and the killing of his 16-year-old son, who’d rushed to his side, is beyond deplorable…

The United Nations Peace Keeping Forces, which I have advocated and believe should be the entity to bring peace to the world, is itself a cause of global distress and wars, and this simply should not be tolerated.

Activities discussed in this article are not the first that I have read of UN “peacekeepers” committing crimes against the very individuals they are designed to protect. While conducting research for a presentation that I ultimately delivered on the issue in a persuasion and propaganda class that I took at Georgia State University, I discovered that UN peacekeepers are involved in human trafficking in varied localities of the world, and this, of course, is just as outraging, considering that the United Nations should be the very entity that combats the ordeal and all forms of human rights offenses that it feasibly can.

Billions of dollars are invested into UN peacekeeping missions each year, with the United States as the top contributor; and the United States and all member nations of the UN should be very concerned that such large sums of money that are purported to keep the peace are rather being utilized to disturb it. Swift corrective measures, including replacement, imprisonment, and prosecution of ALL supposed keepers of “peace” who have violated the rights of people any and everywhere is only right, and essential to establishment of genuine and lasting peace…