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I recently requested an academic evaluation for my son after visiting his school to address a mix-up with his schedule, and was told that it was not practical to acquire what I was asking for, at least not at this point, and though my son has accrued credit for each of his classes from last school year.

What I had in mind was an academic evaluation after the likes of the kind that I could generate in my GoSolar account as a student at Georgia State University, where I could see how courses that I’d taken had been applied towards fulfillment of graduation requirements.

This student academic evaluation is available to GSU students and relevant staff, i.e. academic advisers, via the student records section of the noted student/staff information system once a student and/or authorized staff member successfully logs into the system.

Though electronically generated student academic evaluations have yet to be incorporated into Shelby County Schools [and other public and private school] student/staff information systems, I was able to acquire this blank and untitled form pursuant to my request.

I created a middle-high school student academic evaluation from scratch, improving upon both the noted form that I acquired from my son’s school and Georgia State’s student academic evals. Click here to view it. Click here to view a version with an SCS logo

Electronically generated and populated student academic evaluations for middle to high school students that would be made available upon request to parents and/or relevant students would help parents and relevant students see exactly how earned credit is applied towards graduation requirements.

They would also help staff and students to see what other courses should and shouldn’t be taken, and facilitate graduation by helping students and parents adequately plan for fulfillment of course requirements.