All students, or at least middle and high school and college students, should have a Student Connect account, which would be similar to Parent Connect, an online portal that parents can log into to view their children’s grades for specified classwork, homework, etc. The only difference is that minor students and college students under the age of 21 shouldn’t be capable of changing parental alert notifications. The reason for this is that frequently students attending middle and high school are unaware of class and homework for which they are graded until they and/or their parents are retrospectively informed of failing grades, and all students of a discerning age should have the privilege of seeing for themselves how their grades for each assignment/class and conduct are actually entered into student grading portals.

Connectivity of Web-based Student Work with Automatic Grading Feature

Students should also be capable of actually completing assignments via the student connect portal and retrieving instant grades, which would relieve instructors of the burden of entering grades for so many assignments for so many students and further alleviate the need for instructors to work beyond traditional hours…

Web-based student work portals with connectivity to the prescribed student connect grading portal would accordingly render teachers more time to work with students on curriculum components that they might require extra attention with, including writing/intensive writing and/or writing across the curriculum/penmanship development, though essentially all student work would be online…

Students should be encouraged to routinely log into their Student Connect accounts, on and off campus, to stay abreast of class and homework that they are required to submit each week, and to make certain that they are properly credited.

The practice of waiting until parent-teacher conferences near the end of each grading period to inform students and parents of missing grades for assignments that students might not be aware of due to communication lapses when students are abruptly switched from one class to another, when they are excusably absent or tardy, or simply do not have time to write homework and project details from a chalk board and complete class work is not procedurally sound.

Homework & Project Due Date Alerts

A homework and project due date alert option should be added to academic connect portals that students and parents should be capable of activating or setting during the active school-year. The noted alerts, like all others, would be sent via email, text and/or by phone.

In this age of technology, students should be availed every resource that would empower them to succeed and optimally perform, in this instance to stay in the know about all course work and when it is due.