It would be really neat if parcel delivery workers for FedEx, UPS, etc. would all dress up as Santa Claus and/or elves during their pre-Christmas delivery appointments. Parcel delivery companies could also do neat things with their delivery vehicles for the holidays, like making them look like sleighs…

FedEx, UPS, etc. should also invest in charitable initiatives via which they would invest in and raise funds for the purchasing and distribution/delivery of toys to indigent children and/or host toy drives for those purchases. They could solicit monetary and/or toy donations from customers, etc. in advance of the holidays. They could also partner with existent toy drive initiatives to collect and deliver toys to specified children, or those within vicinity of their normal deliveries.

Store-Based and other Parcel Delivery Santas

Stores like Toys R Us, Wal-mart, etc. could also acquire and utilize their own vehicles for local deliveries, for which they would charge reasonable fees, of course. Store-based programs could offer other services like gift-wrapping presents prior to delivery, for established/conservative fees…

Stores like Toys R Us, Wal-mart, etc. should also contribute toys to indigent children during pre-Christmas events or to those within vicinity of their normal parcel deliveries, based upon names/addresses selected from online and in-store wish lists submitted by children and/or parents.

Other agencies that host toy drives could also deliver toys to listed children during the holidays. They could also acquire and maintain commercial vehicles for that purpose.


Parcel delivery seasonal Santas would make Christmas holidays more festive and, with the prescribed charitable initiative, deliver Christmas to children who might not otherwise receive it. It would also demonstrate the generosity of participating companies and encourage giving…