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The restrooms of the middle school that my son attended and the high school that he attends do not have latches on the restroom stalls. When I asked about this after learning that my son was frequently waiting until he got home to use the restroom, which is unhealthy, of course, from a gastro and urological standpoint, I raised concerns…

I was told by the middle school administrators I queried that the lack of stall latches was for safety purposes; the concern, presumably, was/is that the presence of latches on stalls would enable students to get into mischief, which is not true, considering that students’ feet are typically visible beneath stall doors and any school authority who has reason to believe that a student is committing mischief in a restroom stall could investigate by all appropriate means.

All school and public lavatories should have latches on all toilet rooms for privacy and security purposes. When latches are broken they should be fixed, and they should never be removed. The absence of latches should be a code violation, in fact.

Students, etc. should be capable of utilizing the restroom in solitude, or without worry of intrusion or other offense. This would improve campus/company morale and promote and perhaps improve student/public health.