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Students who change classes throughout school days should have at least ten minutes between class periods and between class and lunch periods to retrieve and return books, supplies, etc. to their lockers for each class, and to use the restroom so that they do not miss class time and/or are not disciplined for tardiness for either of those purposes…

Students should not have to carry every book, notebook, etc. that they must have for each class around with them all day simply because they do not have sufficient time to exchange material between classes (Of course, if all student coursework was online there would be little to no need to exchange books, notebooks, etc…)

This should not permit students to loiter in restrooms or hallways. Students should be required to report to their classes as quickly as possible. They’d simply have the time to exchange material from their lockers and utilize the restrooms when they have to.

An extension of time between classes would empower students to stay organized throughout the school day and decrease the risk of their losing textbooks, notebooks with vital lecture notes, jackets, et cetera et cetera.