Students should be credited for accurately answering portions of multi-part questions on examinations, quizzes, etc., or each question should be separated and given a distinct number. Combining questions and docking credit for the entire set of questions when students accurately answer some of the questions unfairly deflates students’ grades and transgresses academic integrity. Accordingly, this is a practice that should be banned or amended to render credit to students for all accurately answered portions of multi-part questions.

I’ve seen some instances where multi-part questions on exams, quizzes, etc. were not specifically relevant to other questions with which they were combined. Even when the questions are relevant students should still be credited for any portions that they accurately answer…

The practice of combining questions and/or docking credit for accurately answered portions of multi-part questions because one or more of the questions was missed is additionally flawed because frequently questions that are similar to those in combined sets appear distinctly or separately throughout examinations, etc.

In summation, there is no intelligible reason to combine questions on exams, etc. or to dock students for accurately answering questions in combined sets where they miss one or more other questions. All tests should be fair and ethically designed to render credit in every instance where it is merited.