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The Network would be a global chain of social clubs and convention centers that would be co-owned by social media providers like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., and shareholders, and would provide social media subscribers facilitated opportunities to meet and greet both old and new friends, followers, and professional acquaintances…

Professional Networking Opportunities

The Network social clubs would provide wonderful professional networking platforms and opportunities, from blogging/internet marketing and other conferences to gatherings of all genres.

They would also provide an ideal platform for charitable and other events, like private parties, etc., for which the facility would essentially serve as a conglomeration of rental spaces.

Trade Shows & Other Business Ventures

Trade shows via which entrepreneurs would promote and market their products would be one of the cardinal functions of The Network. They would provide a very ideal platform for entrepreneurs with tangible business products to give their fans and other prospective clients the opportunity to sample and purchase their products on the spot, particularly those who already promote their businesses via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. They would also avail the opportunity to acquire new fans/clients.

Craigslist, Amazon.com, Ebay… Market Exchanges

The Network or select localities could also consist of Craigslist, Amazon.com, Ebay, and/or other market exchanges via which sellers could make items that they advertise on these and/or other similar websites readily available for purchase…

The said exchanges would charge reasonable fees, of course, that would be based upon the value of the accepted products. Once the items are sold the original owners would be paid, via either direct deposit into their PayPal and/or personal or business checking accounts, or by cash with proper identification…

The Network Stores

The Network Stores would consist of products like tech gadgets (i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.), and accessories. They would also include like t-shirts depicting endorsed causes, persons, etc. and other popular clothing items, shoes, etc…

They would also consist of magazines, music CDs, and other approved products from entrepreneurial contributors, i.e. those with Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, and other fan pages.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage, i.e. oversized smartphones, etc. would be exhibited throughout The Network social media clubs that would stream live feeds from Twitter and other platforms. They could also stream social media stock updates, etc.

Music and Live Concerts

The Network would stream popular and uninterrupted music/videos from either of a variety of online or internet radio stations, like iHeart, Pandora, AOL, etc. in common areas of the clubs.

The Network would or could also stream live concerts via digital signage, i.e. Yahoo’s Live Nation. Live, in-person concerts, which would be designed to give artists greater visibility, fan acquisition, and pay per click income, would also regularly occur at The Network social clubs.

Other Features

Other features of The Network would or could include restaurants and bars, night clubs, movie theaters, gyms, in-door beaches, arcades with live versions of virtual games that are available via Facebook, etc. The possibilities are endless.

The Network Hotels

The Network Social Clubs, or select localities would or could also consist of onsite hotels for patron convenience. As a courtesy, The Network Hotels could provide transportation for patrons from and to approved localities.

In Summary

The Network Social Clubs would literally bring social networking platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, etc. to life by providing a high quality meeting place for business professionals and their clients, and for socializing with old and new friends.