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All schools should have front semi-circle or similar driveways to facilitate student drop-off and retrieval. In each instance, parents and other appointees would be capable of dropping students off and picking them up within very close proximity to the front entrance door of their respective schools.

Each school’s semi-circle driveway should be spacious enough to allow the vehicles of those who have already retrieved or dropped students off to drive around those that are parked in the semi-circle.

Semi-circle or similar driveways would curtail need for parents and/or others dropping students off and retrieving them to drive past schools and/or drive out of the way for the purpose of turning around to let students out on the school side of the street, which has caused several preventable accidents.

Enabling student drop-off and retrieval within close proximity to school entrances further improves student safety in that reporting and dismissal processes can be better monitored.