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Automobile manufacturers should incorporate an automatic tire inflation feature into forthcoming vehicles. This would require placement of tire stems on the flip side of tires. A short inflation hose could be connected to the rim of each tire, which would be permanently connected to each tire stem. The hose would be connected to a sensor and to a device that would suction air…from the outside and inflate the tire(s) when an auto tire inflate button is pressed from inside the car for the deflated tire, for which a warning light would appear on the dashboard specifying which tire is affected…

Tires with manual inflation attachments

Tire makers should make tires with manual inflation attachments that would be clamped to and extend from behind the rim of each tire for use during deflation. These attachments would also function by suctioning air…from the outside and inflating the tires by manually connecting them to the tire stems…

Manual tire inflation attachments

Manual tire inflation attachments could be contrived that would work similarly on any tires. The attachments would be sold in sets of four and would come with the very simple instructions for attachment to the rim of each tire. A web address to a video of instructions would also be listed in the manual.