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All forthcoming/newly manufactured vehicles should be crafted with a built-in towing feature, which would essentially be a small device that would be powered by a small generator that would move an automobile’s wheels at adjustable speeds when it cannot crank or is otherwise immobile. This feature would be activated by pressing a tow button from inside the vehicle. The device, which would also operate with a remote control that would come with equipped vehicles, should be manually activated while the vehicles are securely parked by pressing an activation button beneath the car in the event of a malfunction of the internal activation button or remote control device, or in the event that the batteries in the remote control are weak or the remote control is misplaced…

Individually purchasable Autow Device

Autow devices, which would perform the same functions as the prescribed built-in vehicular towing devices, could be contrived and purchasable for use on any vehicle. The Autow would also operate and come with a remote control. The Autow [and built-in towing devices] could optionally be activated via a mobile or tablet app and/or via OnStar

The Autow, which would be covered by a warranty, would come with an installation manual that would also list a web address to a video of installation procedures, though they’d preferably be installed by trained/certified professionals…