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A built-in automatic tire rotation and changing feature would store spare tires beneath the bottom of newly manufactured vehicles, where they would be secured by sensor-activated latches into a groove. The spares would rotate to replace the deflated/damaged tire by pressing of a tire rotation/change button from inside the vehicle…

At least one spare would be situated above the front wheels and one above the back wheels. The stored spare tires could be either already inflated or rimless. Manufacturers could experiment with options and implementation methodology, and, of course, select only those options that would be safe.

The noted device could also be utilized to generally rotate vehicular tires.

Internal Automatic Jack…

An internal automatic jack would extend from the bottom of and lift the vehicle for tire rotation. The subject vehicle would be securely parked at this point with the emergency break lifted.

Storage/Replacement of Damaged Tires

Once the damaged tire is changed it could be automatically rotated, lifted into, and stored into the spare groove until it is replaced by a new tire, or it could be removed and discarded of. Adding a new spare tire or tires would be simple and safe by following instructions provided in subject vehicular manuals…