All schools should, for safety purposes, implement use of fingerprint identification systems for student, staff, and public entry into school buildings. Fingerprint identifiers should also be placed in each classroom and all students should be required to scan either their thumb or index finger to officially register attendance…

All students, parents/guardians, and school employees should be required, once for all times, to submit either an index finger or thumb print, which would be saved to student and staff information systems that would be synced with remote entry systems for the purpose of identifying those seeking entry into school buildings…

This would require some structural changes to Aiphone and/or other remote entry systems. Whenever a student, parent/guardian, or school employee who has been entered into the system presses the button to Aiphone or whatever remote entry system a subject school  is utilizing, the photograph that the school has on file for the individual seeking entry would appear on the surveillance monitors that are synced with the Aiphone or other remote entry system juxtapose the live visual of the individual.

The Ideal Arrangement of School Entrances

It should be structurally impractical for visitors to access school buildings prior to checking in with the front office. Indoor gates should be placed before school entrances that would require each individual seeking entry into a school building to identify themselves.

Identification at this point could also be acquired via scanning of thumb or index fingers, noting that the scan here could supersede print scanning via Aiphone or the initial entry point.

Scanning of any and all bags and walking through of metal detectors should occur after fingerprint scanning; bag scanners and metal detectors should be equipped to not only exemplify potential contraband, but to electronically label each item and/or point out to officers what or where they should check…

Identified students and staff would be granted entry into school buildings after providing their thumb or index prints. Others would be coaxed to the front office via indoor barricades that would extend from the indoor gate to the office.

Another indoor gate that would be controlled by administrative staff would separate one half of the area before the office desk from the other half that could avail access to the school.

Entrance into the building would be permitted once clearance is properly acquired. This would considerably improve school security and potentially save lives, and similar arrangements should be incorporated into other public buildings.