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I, like most people, I’m sure, have been very disturbed by the horrible bombing in Paris by ISIS… Masses of innocent victims of war should not suffer for acts of a few deranged individuals, however. I hold to my belief and the fact that the displacement of persons everywhere in the world, including homeless persons in our own country, should be declared a state of emergency, and treated accordingly, though, of course, precautionary measures should be taken to screen refugees, some of whom might actually be terrorists.

There is absolutely no reason that screening processes should be delayed for years, however. Thorough screenings can be conducted on the spot to make certain that refugees are not in possession of weapons. Refugees fleeing conflict typically arrive with nothing but the clothing on their backs. Screening processes should not be very difficult for this reason…

All refugees should be immediately processed, i.e. fingerprinted and photographed for tentative identification until their identities can be officially verified. To further ease the fears of nations that are now leery of accepting refugees into their countries, refugees should be placed in remote localities where any attacks by terrorists disguised as refugees could not cause massive destruction and harm to local citizens of countries into which they are taken. Shelters for refugees should also have tightened security to protect innocent refugees.

The cardinal issue that should be addressed is the tyrannical behavior of the few extremist leaders who incite or condone uncivilized wars that send droves of their citizenry fleeing to other nations. Why not remove those individuals from power and replace them with those who are socially equipped to lead…