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I frequently studied and completed course assignments within a portion of the library at Georgia State University that is an indoor bridge overlooking a busy Atlanta street. While sitting there reading and manually penning notes for either of several papers that I’d write over the course of my studies there, I’d occasionally glance out in amusement of the cars driving beneath the sturdy infrastructure. I began to imagine an expansive network of indoor bridges that would connect building to building within companies, and that would connect company to company…

This, of course, would be a wonderful venture for companies desiring to more readily attract customers from surrounding establishments and vice versa. Most importantly, the prescribed network of indoor bridges would shield pedestrians from extremities of weather and from vehicular traffic…

I also imagined connecting transit or public transportation stations and/or parking lots via the prescribed indoor bridges to frequently visited entities, like colleges and other schools.

Certain stretches of indoor bridges would not be carpeted with air conditioning and heat necessarily, though they would be enclosed and provide essentially the same protections.

I specifically wanted to see all or most of GSU’s buildings connected via the prescribed indoor bridges, including especially campus buildings that are significantly distanced from one another.

The walk from one campus building to the next is particularly gruesome during the winter months. I’m certain, moreover, that students residing on campus would appreciate connection of their dormitories, etc. to instructional and other buildings.

Another example would be bridges that would connect to schools from major streets, particularly those where there are no crossing guards. This, and placement of surveillance equipment and safety officers on driving carts, would significantly improve student safety.

Schools could also connect to one another via the prescribed bridges, to facilitate and offer protection to older siblings, relatives, and/or others attending schools within vicinity of others from which they retrieve younger children.

Vestibules enclosing identification and security check points could be placed before entrances to schools, federal, and other relevant buildings within indoor bridge networks, for security purposes, and for the maintenance of order…