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Vehicular insurance should cover general servicing and repairs, considering especially that many if not most drivers probably never actually use or benefit from their car insurance. All vehicular insurance providers should credit customers for good driving, or render credit to policy holders that would accrue for application towards general servicing, repairs/parts, deductibles for traditional repairs, or towards coverage for newly purchased vehicles when drivers decide to sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of vehicles.

Service and Repairs Coverage

Good driving credit should be applied towards actual service and repairs coverage that all vehicular insurance providers should offer, and towards deductibles for the prescribed repairs and for repairs that vehicular coverage providers traditionally cover.

Stocks and Bonds… Investment

Vehicular insurance providers could also offer customers the option of investing good driving credit into stocks and bonds for additional revenue growth opportunities.

In Summation

Some drivers are paying vehicular insurance for cars that are un-drivable due to mechanical failures. This is simply unfair. Those drivers who have exhibited good driving habits should be rewarded via application of good driving credit towards premiums and deductibles for general servicing and repairs, etc., an excellent thanks for business, I’d say…