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The law should mandate confiscation of stolen cell phones during flash or activation attempts, and that those who attempt to flash or activate cell phones that are reported stolen are detained and prosecuted, unless they can demonstrate that they were not aware that the phones were stolen.

All cellular service stores should have security officers who are trained to safely apprehend, handcuff, and detain suspects until arrival of law enforcement officials.

The law should further mandate that confiscated phones are returned to their owners. These laws should apply to all cell phones and all cellular service providers, to protect cellular owners from significant loss, and discourage cellular theft.

Wireless carriers and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) should not merely blacklist stolen phones, they should implement technology to make it impractical for any cellular service provider to flash stolen phones. Once attempts are made to flash stolen phones, moreover, the FCC, relevant wireless carriers, and the owners should be immediately notified via implemented technology, and hold cellular service stores accountable to enforcing the law and filing proper reports.

It should be legally and practically impossible to flash stolen cellular phones, considering that some owners have paid several hundred or thousands of dollars for smart and other mobile phones, and further considering that flashing stolen cell phones is an unethical and criminal practice…