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A web-based income and expense verification system should be available for use by all relevant agencies that require clientele income and expense verification. A site of such, which should be utilized in lieu of query on applications and forms, should capture accurate and detailed information that could include linked (electronic) credit reports, bank statements, and digital receipts. This would save agencies and their clients significant time, hassle, paper, and expenses. It would also expedite agency processes.

Agency applications, printed or electronic, should simply request a client’s Social Security number, a portion of it, and/or another identifier, and the client’s authorization to obtain their income and expense report.

Agencies could, optionally, print* obtained income and expense reports and mail or otherwise disburse them to clients for review, correction (if necessary) and signing. (*Printed reports would include instructions for log-in creation for the comprehensive web-based income and expense verification system, and directions on how to build or complete building or linkage to relevant (electronic) files, noting that once building is completed, consumers would be capable of wholly verifying their income and expenses to agencies, etc. with the mere click of a button).