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Imagine that the ink is out of your home printer and/or you drive to the post office to mail off a document that you typed up and realize that there are some errors that need correcting, or you simply need to print a document to mail it off.

The post office is not so close to home and/or the nearest FedEx Office or other locality where you could type, correct, and/or print the document is out of the way. Imagine further that you need to get the document notarized and the nearest notary public is also out of the way.

To get that single document prepared for mailing you’ll have to drive to three different localities, when all of these services could simply be made available at the post office.

All post offices should have computers/print, copying, and notary* services for customer convenience (*notaries could perform other postal duties when they’re not notarizing documents). This would save customers time, hassle, and fuel, while generating significant revenues that could further help to resolve the postal service’s financial woes…