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Multi-tasking postal kiosks could perform services like metering, postage dispensing, generating money orders (with amount, sender, and receiver information), and vending of other postal products, electronic notary services, printing, scanning, electronic mailing with document attachment options, etc., and with keyboard and flash drive provisions for typing of brief notes and typing and saving of addresses for label creation and for printing directly to purchased envelopes (via either of a variety of online postal service sites optionally), and for general document printing, scanning, and emailing with document attachments, etc…

This would save postal clients and staff significant time, where self-serving multi-tasking postal kiosks with voice instruction would be placed in postal lobbies and near postal service counters where customers could readily acquire any additional clarity from postal clerks on utilizing the machines.

Postal kiosks could also be placed in other localities, like convenience stores/gas stations, public libraries, FedEx Kinkos and other document service stores, et cetera, et cetera.

This could further enable re-organization of duties for postal clerks (though at least one postal clerk should always be available to answer questions or help customers utilizing the noted kiosks) or placement of postal clerks at other postal sites or other companies, with perfection and proliferation of the noted technology…