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All completed and graded student tests, including standardized tests, and even the SAT, ACT, and college matriculation examinations should be subject to transparency or perusal and photocopying and/or scanning and distribution to students or parents.

Completed and graded SAT and ACT prep and actual tests and other graded tests, quizzes, and course work that are returned to students and/or sent home to parents should always include the questions with the graded answers.

Students and parents should be encouraged to give feedback on graded tests, or to report concerns that they might have with the structure or specific questions and answer choices. Any demonstrably valid concerns or flaws in the tests should be corrected prior to disbursal to other students during subsequent testing…

Concerns for exposing the graded tests to other students is unwarranted because they would not be permitted to bring them into the monitored testing areas, and remembering correct answers would not be cheating. It would be demonstrated learning.

Student testing transparency would help to improve student performance on standardized and other tests and course material via exhibition of correct answers to any questions that students inaccurately answer and by helping to perfect all testing content via the perusing eyes of students and many other parents and others who are equally concerned for excellence in education…