My daughter received her honor roll certificate on Friday (the last day of the school year) that she was actually awarded last month (April) for last report card period. I held off on sharing my son’s honors certificates because I wanted to share them all simultaneously.

Ebony Martin April 13, 2016 Honor Roll Certificate

Justice Adams Sheffield High School Certificate of Honor Roll

My son received academic honors from his high school and from vo-tech.

Justice Adams Sheffield Career & Technology Center Academic Honor Roll Certificate

My son, who was appointed a health science (vo-tech) major by his high school, presumably because of his strength in Math and Science and because he was undecided on a major at the time, was also inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.

Justice Adams National Technical Honor Society Certificate

My son (who is NOT named after Michael Jackson or Jordan…) has since decided on a computer science collegiate major. Accordingly, his induction and membership into the NTHS will yet prove rewarding.

Unfortunately, there is no preparatory program for students interested in computer science or similar majors at the particular vo-tech program in which my son participated and completed, though there should be courses of the sort in all vo-tech programs and/or all middle and high schools…

My son has become more health conscious, however, and is more observing of his diet. He has become quite chiseled. His health science teacher commented that he should be on television because of his good looks and speaking voice.

I’m actually planning to carry him to have a professional photographer to develop a modeling portfolio for him. The computer scientist who moonlights as a Ralph Lauren model sounds great to me.

Justice Adams Technical Honors Trophy

Both of my children also earned academic honors for the fourth report card period. Unfortunately, honors certificates and other student awards are not distributed for the last report card period each school year, though they should be. There should be honors ceremonies and distribution for the fourth or last report card period each school year to which honored students and their parents, etc. should be invited. Awards not retrieved during or immediately after those ceremonies could be mailed to recipients and/or parents or held for retrieval during the succeeding school year and notices of the awards and where to retrieve them could be mailed to the recipients or parents. Optionally, all honors awards for the fourth report card period could be disbursed to students during the succeeding school year.

Justice Adams National Technical Honor Society Graduation Tassel, Membership Pin, Window Decal, and Official NTHS Diploma Seal

I, like any proud parent, personally love collecting my children’s awards and want all that they’re deserving of. I have already expressed to my kids how proud I am of them, and I wanted to commend them again on their hard work, with and without my help, and to, again, encourage them to keep up the great work, and to work even harder and achieve even greater…

The kids are, of course, grateful for some time off/out of school for the next couple of months, though they’ll definitely spend some time studying/reading. I’m hoping that they and all kids and parents enjoy this time for reflection and growth.