It can be quite challenging for anyone to find likable clothing in any store, which is precisely why the new age of online fashion designing is so neat and welcomed. Presently available technology, like the software utilized at…, limits the type of clothing that can be designed online. Even with the type of clothing items that can be designed online via already existent fashion design websites, it is only possible to add designs to templates for the limited types of clothing items and fabric that those available items can be created with.

One cannot actually design or alter (draft) patterns online, when essentially any and all types of clothing should be designable online via a website that would be designed specifically for this purpose. Designers, from the world renown to essentially anyone, should be capable of pulling whatever portions of digitized patterns that they wish and that would be stored on the noted designing website and placing them on digital models to create new designs to purchase and/or sell without having to sew a stitch, unless they’d want to. They should also be capable of utilizing any fabric that they’d desire or create.

Digitizing Fabric

It should be possible to acquire high quality/professional photographs of fabric swatches from any and all fabric stores for the purpose of uploading and applying color to online clothing designs of all types. It should also be possible to share digital swatches with other designers and to allow others to like the fabric and newly created designs…

Designers might be required to enter the name and product number of the fabric into the website and the location where they purchased or acquired the swatch to identify or acquire it if it is not already available on the site.

Uploading, Professionally Modifying, and Saving Fashion Sketches/Designs

It should also be possible to upload scanned fashion sketches/designs to the website that I’m prescribing here for the purpose of saving, modifying, pattern creation/drafting, experimentation with varied digital fabrics, and marketing the designs online.

Online Pattern Selection and Clothing Production

All clothing patterns on the market should be purchasable online with the option to have selected clothing items made by the company that would either own or partner with the owners of the website that I’m prescribing.

Another option would be creation of a unique website or various websites, via which customers could simply have clothing created from available patterns rather than or in addition to drafting or designing new clothing items.

Request a Designer Feature

The noted fashion design website should additionally include a feature that would enable users to request a designer if they would not be interested in electronically drafting patterns and designing and/or applying or uploading fabric swatches to them.

The designers they request could be traditional fashion designers or novice designers, all of whom would be capable of creating and sharing their virtual portfolios via the prescribed website…

Designing for Specific Persons

The noted fashion design site would enable designing for specific persons or uploading photographs of essentially anyone and electronically clothing them via the prescribed methods, and by providing specific measurements for those persons.

Designer Stores and Purchaseability by Major Fashion Retailers

Designers should be capable of creating their own online stores, of course, and they should be capable of submitting their designs via the site to major fashion retailers. This would be really convenient for fashion buyers.


I grew up wanting to become a fashion designer. I imagined some day owning and managing a fashion house similar to that of the Bold and the Beautiful’s Forrester Creations. I created a rather sizable fashion portfolio in my high school art class that I continued to add to during my collegiate years, though I’d decided to major in Philosophy and English to polish my critical thinking and writing skills. I’d won a Pulitzer Prize and a $10,000.00 Coca-Cola/UNCF scholarship my senior year at Northside High School in Memphis for entering and winning grand prize in an essay contest, and I decided that I really wanted to use my voice to change the world for the best, which is what I do with my blogs.

I graduated from Atlanta Metropolitan College with an Associates degree in Philosophy, which is not something that I take lightly. AMC significantly helped me to develop my voice. I’d have to abruptly drop the classes that I’d registered for during what would have been my final/graduating semester at Georgia State University, however, and leave Atlanta and college due to bizarre circumstances beyond my control, and after actually paying my graduation fees and tuition for that final semester.

I never completely dismissed the idea of attending fashion school. In fact, I’d still like to attend after finishing that last semester at GSU, whenever that is possible; and I’d really like to be able to utilize the technology that I’m prescribing here juxtapose perfecting my manual illustration, painting, and sewing skills in and out of fashion school…

Online pattern drafting and enabling digitization of any selected fabric would revolutionize the fashion industry by increasing fabric and pattern visibility. It would additionally increase fabric and clothing production and sales.

It is something that every fashion house and every individual in the world with a computer and internet service could use, with the potential for generating substantial revenues, with or without formal training…