The first session of ACT Prep University was held at the U of M today. After driving through the campus, finding a place to park, and finding my son’s designated classroom in Mitchell Hall, I sighed with relief, though I welcomed the much-needed exercise.

My son pouted all the way, while my daughter and I walked ahead cuing for him to catch up. The huge campus was a bit intimidating for even me, and I attended an equally expansive university. Thankfully, we’ve learned our way around the campus, or at least how to get to and from the University Center and Mitchell Hall and a few other campus buildings…

I chose driving my son to campus instead of having him take the bus that was sent to his school for ACT Prep participants because I wanted him to acquire the experience of and develop a level of comfort walking around a college campus and specifically familiarizing himself with the campus of the U of M.

My son’s team yellow class was about half-full, which actually turned out to be a good thing because everyone with a question got a response. All of the instructors were very cordial and did an excellent job today. We’re looking forward to Saturday’s four-hour class.