Varied PowerPoint presentations were exhibited today, a few of the same presentations that have been reviewed in previous ACT Prep classes that provide pointers for improving ACT testing efficiency. There were few to no questions from the course text books exhibited in this manner on today, however, which was disappointing. The students additionally worked in groups, which meant that I could not see the questions that were answered. I really thought that at some point the students would return to their normal seats; they never did, however.

Nonetheless, I am reviewing the addressed material at home, and making certain that my son completes the informal homework of selecting and completing a mini-test to complete for discussion of particularly challenging questions in the next ACT Prep class.

I suggested that ACT Prep University should center around ACT Online Prep,to which ACT Prep University students should receive complimentary registration, and ACT Prep University classes should be conducted in appointed U of M computer labs.

This would give success coaches, who should be capable of monitoring all student progress via their own personal accounts, more insight into students’ trouble areas for the purpose of providing study or practice direction and further elaborating on solutions.