Today’s ACT Prep University finale was similar to all other ACT Prep classes, no grand celebration or distribution of completion certificates. This was perhaps because there was no measure of student progress or method of determining if students have actually mastered all or a sufficient percentage of course material for mastery of the actual ACT and/or attaining of specific score goals. Today’s class was held in the U of M’s Life Science building. There were approximately twelve students present today. A few other students who’ve routinely attended possibly missed the email that was sent specifying where classes would be held this week. It is thus a great idea to announce classroom changes for succeeding classes during preceding classes.

I and my 7-year-old daughter have been the only parent and sibling to attend all ACT prep meetings/classes on my son’s team during this round. I’m definitely signing my son up for either additional rounds of ACT prep and/or to a site where he can be tested on any progress that he has achieved in ACT Prep University prior to his taking the actual ACT test and for the purpose of additional practice. All ACT (and SAT) prep should be predominantly online, considering the limitations on individual or a few instructors and the feasibility of technology reaching or teaching students that individual or a few instructors cannot practically reach during limited time in classes and considering the possibility of students remotely and more conveniently attending classes via Skype and other similar methods.

There should be remote games that students could play competing against one another for sought after prizes. There should be certificates of achievement and/or completion once participants have mastered the ACT (and SAT) and/or reached score goals. There should be a grand celebration for completers/graduates of the program, which should be national and international in scope, and an official ACT Prep University alumni program that would celebrate collegiate and professional accomplishments of members.