Traditional energy bills are way too costly for average households and businesses. Way too many renters and homeowners struggle with paying utility bills and often resort to public agencies for help when they simply cannot pay on their own. This needn’t be the case, however, with advancements in technology that enable use of solar and other clean energy, which has proven to significantly reduce energy costs. Most people are aware that solar and other clean energy options/utility companies exist.

Many believe, however, that clean energy is intangible for them, primarily because it is not available via the utility companies that they presently utilize. Additionally, the average person knows very little about solar and other clean energy companies, and, though many are aware that they can purchase solar panels and other equipment, they think, perhaps accurately, that installing the equipment might be a bit esoteric if they do not have prior installation experience or that it might be too expensive to have installed.

For the stated reasons, traditional energy companies, i.e. MLGW and Georgia Power, et cetera should offer solar and other clean energy options and advance and install the necessary equipment on both commercial and residential properties, including apartments…

State and federal laws should mandate primary use of clean or renewable energy and supplemental use of gasoline and other non-renewable energy forms due to environmental concerns, and considering that clean energy must be the chief source of energy that powers a fully developed world.