Housing authorities, which have traditionally owned exclusively or primarily apartment complexes, should purchase and/or build decent affordable houses to rent and/or sell to tenants in their housing choice programs. Housing authorities would subsequently save substantial funds that they pay external realtors and home owners for client vouchers and they would collect clients’ share of rent and/or mortgage payments that they’d otherwise pay to external realtors and homeowners, amounts that would increase once tenants are employed and/or receive raises in wages and/or other forms of income. Housing authorities should more aggressively offer and enlist tenants into educational and employment support programs that would enable them to stably work and earn sufficient wages to pay market value or near market value for rent and/or mortgages.

Housing authorities could work in conjunction with programs like HUD and Habitat for Humanity, and/or other home building agencies of their choosing. The said houses should be advertised on housing authority websites on a page specifically for housing choice properties, which should be promptly unpublished once the said properties are rented or purchased…

Housing authorities should therewithal incorporate donation buttons into their websites to accept donations for their programs, and advertise their initiatives via televised and radio commercials, and other forms of media.

Housing authorities investing in real estate and saving rent and mortgage that it would otherwise pay external realtors or home owners over extended periods of time and collecting rent and mortgages from tenants over extended periods of time, particularly once tenants are empowered with employment and are earning livable wages, would empower housing authorities with substantial revenues to further expand their programs. Returns on said real estate investments juxtapose said donations would secure sufficient wealth to an agency that should be the ultimate authority on housing and uplifting every indigent person in the world.