There should be an online and physical stores that allow customers to apply any songs that they wish to varied products, i. e. singing greeting cards (printed and electronic), singing balloons, and other items like singing/talking plush toys and pillow ipods (Pillow Talk). Let’s call it Gifts & Tunes.

Gifts & Tunes, which could be an iTunes venture, would essentially express the givers’ sentiments towards the receivers via a single song or varied songs by the same or multiple recording artists. For example a customer could apply a song or an entire album or complete works of a receiver’s favorite recording artist to an ipod pillow, greeting card, or plush toy (noting that the ipod devices in ipod pillows and plush toys would be removable to enable washing and drying and/or dry cleaning of the pillow and plush items).

Another customer could incorporate an inspirational song into a greeting card for a graduating student, and another could create an ipod greeting card that would consist of a compilation of motivational songs for a teacher and/or class that would be sent with a bouquet of flowers.

Software on the Gifts & Tunes website would also allow customers to apply their own voices to the cards, balloons, and other items of varied genres.

Product Creation for Affiliate Marketing Purposes

The Gifts & Tunes web store would also allow customers or anyone to create their own unique items and web stores to market them and the products of others within the Gifts & Tunes affiliate network. The Gifts & Tunes web store, which would be especially ideal for holiday and special occasion gift shopping, would also market other gift items like baskets with wine and champagnes, confectionary items, CDs (and CD players), ipods, celebrity and other perfumes and colognes, perfumed oils, scented candles, lingerie, personalized robes, house shoes, towels, foot spas, massagers, silk and other bed sheets, lotions, bubble bath, powders, romance novels, etc.

Individual Celebrity Stores

Gifts & Tunes would also allow celebrities to create their own stores and customized products and upload them to their general websites and/or share the link to their stores on their social media sites. Recording artists would, of course, be fairly paid for utilization of their music and for being affiliate marketers of the products that are marketed with their music…

A Gifts & Tunes Blog and Other Social Media Sites

The Gifts & Tunes website would additionally consist of a monetized blog that would promote featured products, those of recording artists and others; the Gifts & Tunes blog would too share health and dating tips, et cetera, and would connect to other Gifts & Tunes social media pages via relevant buttons.

In Summation and Conclusion

A Gifts & Tunes web store would be a wonderful tool for entertaining significant others, friends, et cetera, and for enhancing relationships and/or improving social climates, while increasing music sales and sales of synonymous products and providing significant supplemental income to recording artists, freelance writers and product designers, etc…