Anyone can acquire a driver license manual from their local Driver Services Center, study, and ace the computerized test with at least whatever percentage of accuracy is acceptable for the state in which they reside. Anyone could be self-taught to drive or taught by essentially anyone.

Formal driver education can improve and optimize driver learning and public safety, however. Driver education should thereby be a required course for all high school students prior to graduation.

Universal driver education classes in public and private schools should provide students with all appropriate course study material and driving resources, including practice vehicles and training areas. Practice vehicles and training areas could be shared by varied schools, i.e. all schools in the same region, to preserve costs. Students interested in acquiring their learner’s permit or driver license via their schools would be required to acquire parental consent and pay for their permits or licenses, etc.

Parents would be invited to attend or follow school buses to local Driver Services Centers, or carry students themselves. Formal driver education in high schools would equip students with a vital life skill that helps to improve driver efficiency and driver/public safety.