It should not be possible for any random individual walking or driving down the street to go into anyone’s mailbox. All house mailboxes, which to the greatest possible extent should be located on or near the front door of houses, should be lock and key. In fact, federal law should require this. The reason that nearly all if not all house mailboxes are not lock and key is perhaps because it has not been considered that the postman would not have to have an individual key for each house mailbox. The postman could have a single key that could open all mailboxes while residents would have a different key to open their individual mailboxes that would all be different. In other words each house mailbox would have two different locks and keys.

Mail Slots and Traditional Locking Mailboxes

Mail slots and traditional locking mail boxes that only have one lock and one key (for residents) suffices for those who opt not to send mail or parcels from their mail boxes, noting that being capable of sending mail and parcels via one’s mail box by raising of a flag is a major convenience.

Post Offices Should Sell and Install Mail Boxes

It would be most ideal for the post office to sell and install mail boxes that give itself lock and key privileges. In fact, since the post office delivers mail, it would be ideal for the post office to sell and install mail boxes and slots of all sorts.

In Summation and Conclusion

All house and other residential mail boxes should and can be lockable without inconveniencing postmen, and federal law should require this to curtail mail and identity theft.