I have visited a number of schools with very limited parking provisions for parents and other essential visitors. All schools should have sufficient parking to welcome and encourage participation of all parents and other student supporters. All schools should additionally have semi-circular or similar driveways to facilitate student drop-off and retrieval

Practices like creating double or more lanes of vehicles that require students to walk out in front of cranked cars to reach those in outer lanes during dismissal poses risk of injury to students, staff, and others and should be discontinued at those schools utilizing it and avoided at others, though semi-circular driveways should be spacious enough to allow those who have dropped off or retrieved students to drive around parked vehicles. The very best practice that I have observed was at a school that allows parents to park and walk to classrooms to retrieve students starting at about a quarter… prior to the end of each school day.

There was no dismissal discombobulation and less waiting for those who did drive around to retrieve students; a vast percentage of students would already have been picked up at the strike of the set dismissal hour. Expanding school parking lots would additionally translate to less lawn for schools to upkeep and less synonymous expenses…