Visitors to public libraries often doodle on computers, though library computers could serve a number of constructive purposes. Those purposes should be magnified via placement of shortcuts to important websites on library computer desktops.

They could additionally be exhibited via displayed posters and/or manuals with instructions for maneuvering through each relevant website. Shortcuts could include popular job search sites (including library and Department of Labor job sites, and others like, Flex Jobs, etc.), free extended learning sites like Alison… and Lynda and online typing tutorial sites and/or software like Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (to avail the general public the opportunity to learn and/or improve the universal skill of typing and print typing speed and other synonymous certificates).

Shortcuts should further include public transportation route scheduling pages, popular professional networking sites like Linkedin, the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, the Department of Human Services online application page, local utility and phone companies, local school district websites (for school registration purposes, etc.), popular homework help sites, the United States Postal Service (for address changes, zip code searches, etc.).

Librarians should familiarize themselves with each website that they post on their desktop and be capable of helping patrons maneuver through them. Posting shortcuts to websites that serve the general public on library desktops would encourage public use of those websites, facilitate relevant processes, and increase productivity of library computers…