In this age of technology, it is not only possible to remotely monitor a residence, it is very practical to remotely monitor children, in homes and in schools, who are of qualifying age or maturity, which would essentially revolutionize the childcare industry.

All residential security companies could offer this service and designate a team of remote monitors to observe, routinely communicate with, and even tutor subject children of clients.

Residential Use

Remote childcare would work in conjunction with traditional residential security services where homes are protected by said services, or the program would require enrollment in traditional services.

Low income individuals should be privileged to discounted/affordable rates for remote childcare—this would safeguard and even save the lives of many children of low-income working parents who cannot afford childcare and are forced to leave their children home alone while they work…

Training Children to Be Safe

Children would be trained on procedures to follow that would help to keep them safe, i.e. keeping doors and windows shut and locked, fire prevention and water safety, etc., and how to page or contact remote monitors in the event of any emergency that they might not immediately detect…

Neighbor and Other Emergency Contact

Remote childcare programs would additionally require provision of emergency contacts, preferably neighbors who are within vicinity of the client residence and who are enrolled in the relevant home security program or would be interested in enrolling.

Though emergency contacts would not be required to enroll or acquire residential security on their own homes, they should receive discounts for home security and/or other incentives for every child for whom they are an emergency contact.

Emergency contacts would be contacted by remote security personnel to check on children enrolled in remote childcare programs and/or intervene during any crisis or other situation that merits it and/or if the remote monitor loses contact with the child or children.

Emergency contacts would be subject to criminal background checks that would qualify or disqualify them from the program.

Parental Co-monitoring and Contact

Parents would be capable of remotely co-monitoring and interacting with their children via their smart phones and/or via tablets provided by their security companies.

Parents, who would be advised to carry their smart phones or tablets with them at all times and provided necessary equipment to enable this, would be paged or otherwise contacted in emergency and/or other situations that merit it and/or after any unsuccessful attempts to contact neighbor or other emergency contacts…

Temp Childcare Safe Places

Temp childcare safe places would essentially be childcare facilities where low income families who cannot afford childcare would be able to carry their children who would not qualify for remote childcare, i.e. infants and toddlers and older children who lack the essential maturity.

Temp childcare safe places, which could be perpetual or 24-hour dormitories in residential security companies and/or other synonymous agencies, would be funded to a significant extent by government grants and donations that would be solicited via televised, radio, and web-based advertisements and infomercials by relevant facilities and their supporters…

Parents who have traditionally or would otherwise leave their children home alone would be advised during said infomercials to instead carry their children to identified safe places.

Parents would be required to provide proof of income exemplifying that they cannot afford traditional childcare, or proof that they are newly employed and are in need of temporary childcare until they have received their first or a specified pay check.

Temp childcare safe places could provide childcare for more extended periods of time or for whatever period of time that any client would require it. They could additionally require clients to pay based on their income.

Parents would be capable of and required to retrieve their children at the end of their work shifts.

School Use of Remote Monitoring Equipment

Schools could utilize remote monitoring systems that would sync with instructor or school issued smart phones or tablets to enable monitoring and management of classrooms on occasions when instructors must momentarily leave their classes, and/or delegated school administrators could remotely/visually and audibly monitor classrooms upon an instructor’s request…

Remote childcare and temp childcare safe places would optimize the safety of children in their homes, at school, and at temp childcare safe places. No parent, regardless of their level of income, would be forced to leave their child(ren) unattended while they are working, which is essential to familial sustaining and care…