It is a standard practice at colleges and/or universities like Georgia State for students to evaluate their professors. The process is electronic and students must complete the evaluations before releasing of their grades. This allows students to give honest feedback about their instructors and relevant classes, information that is utilized to structure any needed improvements. Public schools should implement this process and incorporate a parent-instructor evaluation that would allow minor students and parents of minor students to evaluate their children’s instructors and their schools/school administrators and school districts; it should additionally allow instructors, etc. to respond to student/parent comments and allow for any merited sur-replies.

Results of evaluations should be instantaneously and simultaneously submitted to schools, school districts, and a neutral, synonymous and superior agency with the power, interest, and grit to really effectuate needed improvements in specific schools.

Perfecting school morale and safety should be a top priority for school/education leaders. Perfection of school morale and safety would create the harmonious environment that is essential to optimal school/instructor and student success.