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Child marriage should be universally banned and prosecuted. Every child should be granted the opportunity to enjoy childhood, to be properly educated, and to arrive at adulthood and personally decide when and who they’ll marry, if they decide to marry at all.

No adults anywhere on the planet should be having sexual relations with or in many cases raping children, without or with a marriage license; anyone, without or with a marriage license, who has sexual relations with or who rapes children should be prosecuted as pedophiles.

An adult who impregnates a child should be prosecuted, especially an adult who is significantly older than the child. Raids should be conducted based upon public records and other sources evidencing the marriages. Children should be removed from habitation with their exploiters, and any existent marriage license between an adult and a child anywhere in the world should be null and void…

The only exceptions to a ban on child marriage should be a prospective marriage between teens of the opposite sex who mutually love one another and/or have children together and their parents agree to the marriage, presuming they (the teens) are responsible enough or the parents of the teens are prepared to provide them financial and/or other support…