College should and can be a norm in all communities—the same students who uniformly attend primary and secondary schools together should uniformly catch city buses to local colleges of their choice, if they decide to attend locally and not reside on campus, noting that challenges getting to and from college is a major reason that many students do not attend, though it should not be. Many cannot afford the costs of driving to and from campus and have no experience riding city buses. Schools and parents should intervene by researching and informing students which city buses would carry them to and from their choice colleges in the event that they do not have vehicles and/or cannot afford to purchase fuel to drive to and from campus each day or pay parking fees and it is not practical for their parents or others to routinely carry them to and from. *Parents and/or instructors or other school officials could catch the buses with their children or students to help ease any initial anxieties that they might have. Better yet, more colleges should offer hybrid learning programs that would enable students to attend their classes remotely on any days that it is impractical or too great a challenge to attend in person.