There should be an automated school, etc. wake-up call app that schools and/or parents and others can utilize to literally and metaphorically awaken and inspire students, etc. Schools and/or parents and others should be capable of setting specific songs for daily alarms and creating play lists of inspirational music that would continue to play while the receiver is getting dressed and/or until they shut it off. Schools and/or others could send wake-up/motivational (spoken) greetings in lieu of or in addition to music.

The noted app should be capable of sending music to a cell phone or any television with streaming services and a timer. Schools could send the same wake-up call to all students on whatever qualifying devices parents have specified, i.e. students’ personal cell phones or televisions.

Parents, schools, and/or local law enforcement could additionally send alarms and/or texts to the cell phones of minors notifying them of nearing curfew and the necessity to report to their residences by those specific times. Parents and schools could additionally utilize the noted app to send alarms to students notifying them of dinner, homework, bath, and bed time, et cetera…

The noted app should be programmed to ration alarms based upon reasonable periods of time to prepare for and arrive to school and/or other localities based upon indicated start times of specific schools and/or other events.