Brands like Nike, etc. should have affiliate designing programs that would enable marketing of publicly designed shoes and clothing. This would resolve a major issue for brands, all of which struggle or are challenged at some point to come up with great product ideas.

Customers and/or anyone interested should be capable of designing for brands, celebrities, etc. utilizing varied styles of the brand or suggested logos, which should be available for said purposes on brand websites.

The following are samples of designs that I created actually several years ago now: Nike t-shirt designs, Team Lyfe Jennings t-shirt designs, Jordan Houston t-shirt designs,* Michael Vick t-shirt designs (*I designed and sent these to Jordan with an apology shortly after we became friends on Facebook for a while for hurting his feelings when he tried to date me in high school. Several of our classmates and others teased me about Jordan when learning of his infatuation with me, and my immaturity about the situation prompted me to say some things about the shag he sported at the time that I should not have said. Jordan turned out to be a handsome fellow, however. The first time I saw him on television was when some of my students at the Atlanta Job Corps Center saw him on ShowTime at the Apollo and were in an uproar in the lounge of the dormitory in which I was working. Several things have happened since my returning to Memphis from residing in Atlanta for roughly 20 years to indicate that perhaps Jordan still likes me, whether or not the boy who I was assigned to work with as a Shelby County Schools Substitute Educational Assistant at Houston High School kissing me was instructed by Jordan to do it. Being the Christian lady I am, I did not like the idea of someone who identified with Satan and who uses the language that Jordan uses in his music trying to date me. I dated other Memphis rappers who cursed and still curse in their music; though I’m still friends with those those guys, I am no longer into that sort of music or expression of the lifestyle that is depicted in it. Perhaps I was trying to change Jordan with the t-shirt designs, et cetera, when Jordan should just be himself…Jordan is free to implement the JHou Brand however).

Several brands already have product customization elements on their websites to enable customer personalization of clothing and shoes, etc. They do not allow public designers and/or customers to market their creations via the brand affiliate programs, however.Affiliates could create and/or input their designs into their own online stores, and brands could include the most popular public designs in their official collections on their websites, in their catalogs, and in the physical stores that market their products.

Enabling public designers to readily create and affiliate market their product designs for any brand would significantly increase brand sales and generate income for public designers based on the volume of sales of their created products, without necessity for the brands to formally hire them…