A census should be conducted to determine the social status of all persons, specifically if all persons in a household or in any other living arrangement have appropriate sources of income and other vital resources, and a database should be created that would retain this acquired information. Every person on the planet should be accounted for or acknowledged in this database by synonymous demographic information, photographs and/or fingerprints, and Social Security numbers, all of which would be created for those lacking them. A system of the sort would make it easier to count and acquire resources for those in need everywhere in the world; it would additionally identify which agencies are providing resources to each individual.

The said should precede a movement to place all persons in the world in safe and habitable residences, in traditional and/or career-oriented educational programs, and into jobs and/or businesses of their own.

…The database should be capable of exemplifying information of persons on an individual basis, by their households, and by the communities in which they reside. It could additionally retain genetic or DNA samples for all persons or at least for those who are interested in locating displaced family members, i.e. persons from developing nations and/or who have been separated from their families during conflicts like civil wars…

The noted should be a joint venture of the Department of Labor, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Social Security Administration, and other synonymous agencies, and would pull from these sources to update information when necessary. Information for homeless persons would be reported to the prescribed database via homeless information management systems and other agencies that collect data on the homeless. Every individual would additionally be encouraged via email and/or correspondence that would be mailed via the United States Postal Service at least once per year to personally peruse their individual accounts and update the information when essential, or verify that automatically updated information is accurate.

Relevant agencies* would routinely monitor the database and/or the database would be designed to generate automated notices to those who do not have sufficient income and/or other vital resources; the notices would inform the subject individuals of available resources and where and how to apply for them, whether it’s education, employment, Social Security benefits, child care help, etc. *Representatives from relevant agencies would make live contact with those demonstrating need and help to connect said individuals with those resources that they are in need of.

…Though the census would be for all persons, it would really focus on unemployed adults and at-risk teens. All persons who are capable of working and who are not employed would be required to demonstrate that they are seeking employment (whether or not they’ve applied for unemployment benefits) and/or that they are enrolled or preparing to enroll in an educational program that would improve their employability…

The purpose of a social accountability census and social accountability requirements would be to at least and proactively improve the social/living conditions of all persons, and to at most nudge all persons into realizing their greatest potential or into becoming the very best versions of themselves. It would decrease commission or likelihood of commission of criminal acts via the prescribed interventions. Though the said would require an investment of federal and perhaps other funding, it would be just that, an investment that would yield a major return that would far exceed the investment once more or all persons are educated, and once all who are capable of working are working and once all persons are receiving some form of earnest income and contributing their fair share to self and global empowerment.