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Creation of genuine businesses that exist in cinema is an untapped market that could translate to multi-billion dollar industries that would likely far exceed the success of similar traditional competitors. It would increase tourism of entities like CBS and other cinematic studios, specifically their stores, which should include real companies and/or products for those depicted in their productions. For example, there should be a real Forrester Creations, Spectra, Jabot Cosmetics, Newman Enterprises, etc., or the products of these entities should be included in the brick-and-mortar and online CBS stores.

Forrester Creations and Spectra should include actual clothing modeled during Forrester’s and Spectra’s Bold and Beautiful fashion shows. Jabot cosmetics and Newman Enterprises, etc. should include actual products for those discussed on the Young and the Restless, and CBS and other stores should carry those items and clothing per se that are worn/modeled by actors on popular soap operas and other CBS shows (Other networks could copy this). CBS and other networks that implement what I’m suggesting here would act as affiliate marketers for fashion designers who are represented by actors wearing their clothing during daytime and other televised programs. They could point viewers to the physical and online stores to purchase any clothing and extras seen on the programs.

Any designers could request that specific actors wear their clothing during any program and either give the offered garments to the actor(s) as an incentive and/or the network could charge fees to feature unsolicited clothing designs, etc.

Every actor, every person who wears clothing, jewelry, etc. represents or is promoting a designer, a televised personality all the more. Media networks and designers should mutually benefit from this. When you think of it, this is among the major marketing purposes that television should serve.

Clothing and accessories that are worn during televised productions should be modeled by the actors and actresses* on the CBS website. Designers’ names could optionally be listed in each show’s credits, and viewers should be instructed to visit the CBS store website and/or brick-and-mortar store and other specified stores to purchase the items. *Displays featuring these particular actors and actresses should too be placed in the noted brick-and-mortar stores…

The impact of promoting designers of clothing, jewelry, etc. worn during televised programs and products per se of cinematic businesses could reach exponential proportion in terms of increasing sales of promoted clothing, jewelry, fragrances, etc., and transform fictional entities into thriving products and corporations in the real world…

CBS actually acknowledged my existence a few years ago. Perhaps one day they’ll welcome me in person for discussion of my ideas.