It is now possible to listen to Pandora via DirecTV and likely other cable providers, and I simply love it, with the exception of the fact that my children have added multiple stations to my Pandora account and their activity is likely showing up on my public Pandora profile. DirecTV and other cable providers should enable a multiple profile creation/selection feature for residential and commercial accounts, considering that multiple individuals are typically utilizing the services.

Each profile owner should be capable of readily logging into and saving stations they listen to in their own personal accounts or via their own profile, which could retain each individual’s email address.

Another option would be for cable account holders to create email accounts that would be utilized exclusively for DirecTV and other cable Pandora accounts, or to utilize email accounts that cable service providers issue to the primary account holders.

The option to publish or not publish activity on the account could additionally be presented to the account administrator. Yet another option would be to not require sign-in.

Another issue with streaming services where multiple persons have log-in privileges is that each individual can randomly make changes to the account, when only an authorized administrator—typically the primary account holder and/or any other designees—should have that privilege…

Other profile holders should be capable of logging into the relevant streaming service utilizing their own email or other personal identifiers without the capability of making changes to the account, especially those that could affect billing…

This would preserve the privacy of the primary DirecTV or other cable account holder and curtail any costs that could potentially accrue from any unauthorized purchases or account changes. It would additionally preserve the privacy of the Pandora account holder, whether the primary DirecTV or other cable account holder or another authorized Pandora account holder, and it would disallow other profile holders to add or delete stations or to like or dislike songs, or make any other changes to the Pandora account holder’s account.