It is possible to translate this (my Education, Business, & Social Innovation blog) into more than a hundred different languages by scrolling to the very bottom of the page and clicking the “Select Language” feature. It is possible to translate my Workforce Solutions blog into the same 103 languages via the Google Translate feature in its lower right widget area. Presumably, all websites and blogs are automatically translated into the primary language of search locality (or they should be), and persons residing in any particular country or region who speak languages other than the primary language are required to manually translate them…

In any event, I’m ecstatic to know that the world—or at least the Philippines, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Ireland, Italy, and Ethiopia (via WordPress), and Russia, Brazil, Ireland, Malaysia, Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and the United Arab Emirates (via Blogger) juxtapose the United States on both sites—is actually reading and, hopefully, enjoying and making good of my work. I created this blog hoping that every national leader and every other politician on the planet would read and lobby for those ideas of mine that require congressional action. I’m aware that I have lots of work to do to make that happen—It’s definitely in planning!

My goal is perfection of the law, education, and business, or creation of a pragmatic Utopian society or Kingdom to which each and every one of us is obliged to contribute.